Palasek Bathroom

At the Palasek home we renovated their master bathroom, removing the original (20 year old) garden tub, small glass shower, and tile floor and replacing these with a walk in Roman style shower and new floor. The cabinetry was not changed.

“Communication with us was priceless”

Mike Eippert, was excellent at communicating and responsiveness to questions concerning this prospective job. I went with this company based upon communication, reviews and a price 10% lower than another that was recommended to us. Workers were on time, efficient, and professional. Every morning, Logan, the lead on our project, or Jeremy in Logan’s absence, would discuss with me what was being done that day, and at the end of the day, what was done and would be done next. This type of communication with us was priceless leaving no questions as to how things were going. However, we were also able to do this as a turnkey operation on days we would not be around when work was to be started or finished, with confidence. Every day, tarps were spread to protect both our carpets and wood floors and removed at the end of the day.

The job was completed close to on time with delays only caused by the tile supplier not having the tiles and grout available as needed, even though the order for these items went in over 3 weeks before the project began.

…Any and all minor points that were not perfect as the job reached completion were set straight with no hesitation. All in all, having had a few nightmares with contractors in the past, Commonwealth gave us exactly what we wanted, at a fair price in a very professional manner. We would definitely use them again and will recommend them to others.