Sullivan Bathroom

In the Sullivan’s home we added a glass surround to the shower. We also installed large floor tiles to increase the feeling of openness. Inside the shower we used river rock tiles for the shower’s floor. We also used them to highlight the wall inside the shower.

The oval soaking tub is separated from the shower by a tiled half wall.

“The bottom line is we considered ourselves very lucky to have found Mike.”

I received three estimates from contractors. Mike Eippert’s estimate was not the lowest, however, what he did provide was a very detailed estimate, for every single item. I did not get that with the other two Contractors we dealt with.

When Mike Eippert came out to our house it was very evident from the beginning that he was very professional.

When we told him what we were looking for in our Master Bathroom Remodel, he was extremely helpful in providing us with a variety of suggestions/ideas. Mike told us he would provide us with a detailed estimate in a few days.

A few days later he came back to our house with a very detailed estimate for the entire project. We told Mike we would get back to him in a day or two with a decision. Obviously it is always difficult to make a decision, but in reality this was an easy choice. Both my wife and I felt Commonwealth Contracting was the right choice.

When we asked Mike when our project would start, he was very upfront, and said it would be a few weeks, which I appreciated that he did not tell us it would start in a few days, and here we are still waiting for the project to begin a month later.

I cannot say enough about Mike’s various crews. They were all such a pleasure to work with, they were courteous, professional, and it was quite obvious they knew what they were doing. I was not looking forward to the demolition of our Master Bath, however, they were amazing, they were so organized and efficient. The tiling crew were outstanding everything they did was perfect. The crew worked perfectly together.

Mike’s sub-contractors were just the best. The plumber and electrician did a perfect job. The quality of their work was just the best. It was such a good feeling to have all of these people working on our remodel. You always hear about so many horror stories when dealing with remodeling of any type job. This was just the opposite!! We never had a problem with anything.

Mike called us every day and asked if we were happy with how the project was progressing. He also told us what was going to happen each day.

When my wife wanted to change or upgrade some aspect of the project he was such a gentleman. And did exactly what my wife wanted. He always checked the workmanship of his crew and subcontractors. In fact, when the painters finished their job, my wife and I thought it was perfect, however, he called the painters back to redo a small portion of a wall.

When we made our glass choice for our shower, I had made a couple of choices when the glass installers came out to measure.
Mike came out the next day and went over those items, and made some suggestions concerning my choices. Again, he said if that was what we wanted he would certainly see that it would be done. However, he did not believe it was necessary and ultimately saved us about $500.00 on that alone.

The bottom line is we considered ourselves very lucky to have found Mike. He is very professional and just so easy to deal with.
I can’t say enough about the finished product, it is beyond our expectations.

Now, how close was his estimate? When everything was completed, it was within $100.00.

He told us the project would take 3-4 weeks obviously depending on all materials being available. Again, my wife did change a few items, such as, granite, and changed the faucets etc. And his time frame was right on.

In conclusion, I would absolutely hire Commonwealth Contractors again and would highly recommend Mike for any remodel project. We just love our Master Bath. Commonwealth met all our expectations and more.