Aubrey Project

Adding a new addition to an existing home while the home owners are living in the home can be a challenge for some contractors. But not for Commonwealth Contracting. Our professional crews work around you, and are conscientious in every aspect of their impact on your daily lives.

The Aubrey’s home addition story:

Commonwealth Contracting added a 300 square foot addition onto our existing home. The addition was designed to be a bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet. Mike and his crew handled everything from getting permits, drawings, subs and everything in between. Before the project began, we interviewed 3 contractors.

We chose Mike because of 2 main reasons. First, his quote was itemized and detailed down to the penny, so we could see exactly how much money was being spent in the different areas. He was flexible with us completing some of the work like the tiling, flooring and painting ( we like DIY projects ). The second reason we chose Mike was because of his process in preparing his quote. Before his quote was completed, Mike brought 3 subcontractors out to the house to make sure the projected costs would be as close to actual costs as possible. In doing this, he kept the “surprises” to a minimum ( in fact, I can’t think of any unforeseen expenses that occurred in our renovation.) Keep in mind that we had not signed a contract yet or paid him any money all the time he was doing his homework, so he was invested in the project since day one. Once we compared Mike to the other contractors, it was obvious that Mike was the man for the job.

The project was overall a great success. There were a few mishaps which Mike handled with professionalism and dedication. In particular, the floor height of the new addition was miscalculated in the drawings and had to be replaced after it was installed, which was a fairly big delay. However, Mike assured us that he would not leave the project until we were satisfied with the results. He kept his word and took responsibility of making the corrections.

In the end, Mike delivered a great product. Mike and his crew showed up when expected, the subs were fantastic, and Mike was in constant communication with us. Even days that it rained and no work was done, Mike called to check in with us.

On a side note, Mike was very aware of our three small children and the various safety issues that needed to be accounted for. His crew cleaned up every day so our children wouldn’t be exposed to dangerous equipment and construction debris. Our children grew quite attached to Mike and his crew, we joked that he was a very expensive play mate for our boys!