Gowin Remodel

Remodeling an older home when you live out-of-state can be an intimidating process.

At Commonwealth Contracting, we regularly communicate with all our clients so they stay up-to-date with the progress of their home remodel.

Read the Gowin’s remodeling story and how Commonwealth Contracting delighted them:

We did a remodel of our 50-year-old one story house including a new roof, new heating and air, new electrical, new plumbing, removing/adding multiple walls/windows, reconfiguring rooms, remodeling our kitchen/bathrooms, built a deck on to the back of the house, and adding on a sun room. We basically built a new house, but kept the original foundation and most of the exterior walls.

My wife and I were extremely nervous about finding a good contractor to perform this renovation for a few reasons: the enormous scale of the project, the large amount of detail required without detailed architectural plans, and most importantly the fact that during the project we were living a state away in N.C and couldn’t monitor the daily progress.

After an exhaustive interview process with multiple contractors, we chose Commonwealth Contracting because of Mike’s professionalism, glowing referrals, his patience during the long bidding process, and how detailed and thorough his bid was.

The project went very well. There were multiple changes made during construction and Mike and his crew were very patient and always took their time to make sure that we were getting exactly what we wanted. Mike communicated with us constantly throughout the project, letting us know how things were progressing and getting our input on the numerous details of the project. It took a little longer than we originally planned, but we kind of expected that with a project this large and the amount of changes that we made during construction, and it was definitely worth the wait.

We couldn’t be happier with the finished product. The input from Mike and his crew throughout the project made everything nicer and more user-friendly than we expected. There were a few minor issues in the months following the completion of the project, which Mike and his crew took care of promptly and thoroughly.

We love our new home and recommend Commonwealth Contracting to anyone looking for a contractor that they can trust.